5 Day Kitchen Remodel

Facelift for Kitchens with up to 20 cabinets

Get a complete and working kitchen in only five days!

Do you feel that your kitchen needs a facelift or some freshening up? Would you like to do a basic renovation of your kitchen but right now you don’t have the time or funds? A complete working kitchen in 5 days is for you! This service includes working with our expert team to select affordable, durable and beautiful selections. These selections include cabinets, countertops, appliances, hardware and a kitchen faucet to replace your old and tired kitchen.

First, you meet with our team of experts to review and select the new, updated, top-quality materials needed to replace the old footprint of your kitchen. Once all the materials selected have arrived from their order, your five days begin. Here is what to expect within the five days:

Here is what to expect within the 5 days: We will remove all the old cabinets and countertop and prep for install. Install the new cabinets and measure and template the granite countertop. Install the granite countertop and appliances. Touch ups on the cabinets, install hardware and any final details are completed.

*Please note that upgrades can be made. Such as replacing the flooring in the kitchen or adding a kitchen backsplash. The time these upgrades add to the project can be discussed in detail with our team.

Are you ready to give your kitchen the new look it deserves? Book a free consultation here.


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